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Sunrooms Add Value to Your Home

Holbrook, NY – It is truer today than ever before: it's a buyers' real estate market. For the past few years there have been many more homes for sale than there are buyers for those homes. Sellers are having a difficult time setting their home apart from others in their neighborhood and in many cases, those homes can sit on the market for many months, or even years, waiting for the right offer. With so many houses on the market, today's home buyer is looking for a great value in any home they consider and sellers need to find a way to make their house stand out from the crowd.

Homes with year-round sunrooms have proven to sell faster, and for more money, than others in their neighborhood without a sunroom addition. It's simple math: a home with a year-round, four season sunroom offers buyers more for their money than one without. In addition to simple square footage, a sunroom addition adds spectacular space that makes the whole house feel larger and more spectacular – just what buyers are looking for these days.

"A year-round sunroom addition can add tremendous value to a home," Peter Allen, Four Seasons Sunrooms Vice President of Sales and Marketing said. "It gives the home more square footage and adds that extra 'wow' factor that helps set it apart from other homes in the neighborhood."

Of course, as with any addition, the devil is in the details. In order for a sunroom addition to add value to a home, it has to add real year-round living space. A screen room or a three-season room that can't be used in all four seasons does not add the same value and might be seen as a negative to some of the more savvy real estate buyers.

On the other hand, a room addition that can be heated and cooled just like any other room adds real livable square footage to home, adding true value by making it a larger house. Buyers need to be aware that there are many factors that make a sunroom addition suitable for year-round use versus those that can only be used on the most temperate days. A little bit of research goes a long way toward getting a four season glass room addition versus a two- or three-season room.

Since a sunroom is by definition a room made of glass, the primary consideration for buyers is the type of glass used in the room addition. Regular, uncoated or single pane glass will result in a room that is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, eliminating any lasting real estate value. A four season sunroom needs high performance glass designed specifically for sunrooms that will ensure the room can be heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. This will ensure the room can be used year-round and not just on a few perfect days, adding real lasting value for home buyers.

It is now five degrees below zero, and about a foot of snow covers the ground outside," Victor and Mary Ann H. of Burlington, IA said. "Do we care? Not at all! We're in our Four Seasons Sunroom, surrounded by tomatoes, peppers, celery, cucumbers, lettuce, herbs, and flowers."

A true four season sunroom is not just any other ordinary room. In addition to the actual quantifiable financial value, there's the tremendous emotional and psychological value a year round sunroom addition brings to its occupants.

"Our Four Seasons sunroom changed the look and the feel of our entire house," David Yehuda of Kings Point, NY said. "Now the favorite room of the house, our sunroom adds a vacation element, as it soothes and relaxes us by uniting us with our natural surroundings. The wide-open, exposed look and feel has truly integrated the inside and outside, giving us the opportunity to become one with nature's elements."

To get the most value from a year round sunroom addition, most home appraisers say the addition has to tie in to the existing home and not look like an "add-on". Matching the home's exterior architecture can go a long way toward improving the home's "curb appeal". Sunrooms with base walls that match the home's exterior siding treatments help tie the new addition to the existing structure, making it look like it was always there and not an afterthought.

"We love how the Four Seasons Sunroom has enhanced the look of our house," Gary and Anne Toponce of Orinda, CA said. "We are the talk of our neighborhood with our Four Seasons Sunrooms addition."

By the same token, the interior should attempt to match the existing finish of the home and flow naturally with the rest of the house. While sunrooms are, by definition, mostly glass, there are ways to tie it all together with finish trim, flooring, color and roof lines. While a sunroom will always be a unique room in the house because it's a spectacular space, it's the details that will make the difference.

"Inside and Out, our Four Seasons Sunroom looks as if it's always been a part of the house,' Jeff and Barb H of Waukesha, WI said. "Beyond letting more light into our kitchen/dining area, and making our living/entertaining space unique, it has become the center of our home. We now spend most of our time there, even though there's no television! Instead, we have new windows onto our world, enjoying wonderful views in all weather and seasons. From early morning coffee and newspaper, through various daily activities, to a candlelight dinner as the day ends and stars come out above us... we love our sunroom!"

Year-round four season sunroom additions have proven to be an excellent way for home sellers to make their homes stand out from the crowd of other homes in their neighborhood. They add real lasting value to the homeowners every day and they add real financial value to the home when they want to sell that home in the future. Home buyers today are looking for the best value for their dollar and a four season sunroom provides that value.

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