Additional Safety and Security Features
of Four Seasons Windows and Doors

Additional Window Features
  • Internal glazing beads to prevent glass removal from window exterior

  • Pocket sills so burglars can't easily "jimmy" your new windows open

  • Spring-loaded night latch limiters to enable ventilation while limiting the opportunity for human ingress

  • Double-strength glass for window strength, durability, energy efficiency and noise resistance

  • High Design Pressure (DP) ratings that validate the windows' outstanding performance

  • Additional comfort, convenience, durability and aesthetic features that set Four Seasons Energy-Saving Windows and Doors above the competition include:

  • Full screen tracks to securely hold your screens in place even during high winds

  • Extruded screen frames with durable metal corner keys (as opposed to roll formed screens with fragile plastic corner keys) for superior strength and durability

  • Guaranteed-for-life tilt mechanisms are made from the same material as football helmets and riot shields for maximum durability and ease of use year after year

  • Multiple colors and wood grain foils to match your home and decor

  • Clean-cut shadow grooves at all mitered welds provide an for outstanding appearance that creates a pleasing aesthetic architectural detail and the best-looking vinyl replacement window on the market

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