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Question: How much wind is safe for my awning?

Answer: Every awning can withstand average breezes without any problems. If the awning moves up and down more than 6 inches it should be retracted.

Question: What maintenance is required?

Answer: The beauty of these awnings is the fact they are virtually maintenance free. In inland areas simply wash the frame and fabric once per year with mild soap and water. In salt water areas we suggest washing once a month.

Question: Can these be used in the rain?

Answer: If the awning is installed with the a minimum 3-inch per foot of projection angle of pitch, it is safe to use in light to moderate rain.. However, it should never be left unattended, as heavy rain could cause water to pool on the fabric and possibly damage the frame and the fabric.

Question: Will the awning stress my wall?

Answer: When extended, the awning does exert a significant force at the point at which it is mounted to the wall however ordinary 2"x4" stud construction is sufficient for most applications. Even under excessive force, the mount will generally release before any structural problem could occur.

Question: Can I still have an awning if I have a very low clearance above my door?

Answer: If you have low head room or a restricted mounting area where you would like the awning, we a low profile fully cassetted awning requiring on 6 1/2 inches of mount space. In addition we have specially designed roof brackets allowing the entire unit to be safely mounted on the roof. Your dealer can best advise you on the most suitable location.

Question: Why would I want a motor for my awning?

Answer: A motor makes operation both easier and more convenient. With a motor you simply push a button to roll your awning in or out, plus you can add an automatic Wind and Sun sensor and a remote control.

Question: Can I add a motor to my awning later?

Answer: Your authorized dealer can always add a motor later at a slightly higher cost due to the extra labor involved.

Question: Do I need an electrician if I want a motor?

Answer: Our most common remote control operated awning come with a 18-foot standard plug-in cord requiring no electrician. If you choose a hardwired interior or exterior wall switch operated motor then a qualified electrician is strongly recommended.

Question: How long will the fabric last?

Answer: You can expect the most common acrylic fabrics will last 8 to 12 years depending on use and exposure.

Question: How do I clean the fabric?

Answer: If it gets soiled or stained, you can clean lightly soiled fabric with a solution of soap flakes and water. Severely soiled or stained fabric can be professionally cleaned to look like new.

Question: What sizes are available?

Answer: Each awning is custom made to exact widths up to 40 feet with standard projections of ranging from 5'9" to 14'6".

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